• Bach Suite No. 5 for Lute Arranged for Cello

    Laurence Lesser has combined Bach's version of the Fifth Cello Suite for lute with the Anna Magdalena Bach edition for a completely new take on a familiar piece for cello. New ornamentation, fuller harmonies and a more challenging technical undertaking is sure to give any cellist a broader understanding of what is implicit in the relatively spare cello version.
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  • Koussevitzky Cadenza

    Dominik Wagner, scholarship holder of the Anne-Sophie Mutter foundation and prize winner of the ECHO Classic award, has composed a cadenza for Serge Koussevitzky's Double Bass Concerto, Op.3.
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  • Prelude from Tristan und Isolde (for Cello Octet)

    The Prelude to Wagner’s monumental opera Tristan & Isolde is a classic of orchestral writing; much is made of the ‘Tristan chord’ at the start – but what everybody really looks forward to (as with any piece of music, of course) is the luscious cello tune that comes a bit later… so why not have all the other parts played by cellos too? The Tristan Prelude has become Cellophony’s signature piece.
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  • Prelude in G minor

    In the summer of 1993 I had the idea to transcribe Rachmaninoff's Prelude in g minor. I already knew the fantastic original version as performed by Alexis Weissenberg, Sviatoslav Richter or the master himself on Ampico Piano-roll. I was fascinated by that masterpiece and set about to bring it to one left hand and a bow with the incredible virtuosic playing of Ruggiero Ricci always in my mind.
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