• Alborada del Gracioso (for 12 Celli)

    Alborada del Gracioso is from one of Maurice Ravel's most beloved works for piano, Miroirs. Renowned Austrian cellist Rudolf Leopold has crafted a unique arrangement for a dozen cellists.
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    Price: $26.99
  • Prelude from Tristan und Isolde (for Cello Octet)

    The Prelude to Wagner’s monumental opera Tristan & Isolde is a classic of orchestral writing; much is made of the ‘Tristan chord’ at the start – but what everybody really looks forward to (as with any piece of music, of course) is the luscious cello tune that comes a bit later… so why not have all the other parts played by cellos too? The Tristan Prelude has become Cellophony’s signature piece.
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    Price: $14.99
  • Prelude in G minor

    In the summer of 1993 I had the idea to transcribe Rachmaninoff's Prelude in g minor. I already knew the fantastic original version as performed by Alexis Weissenberg, Sviatoslav Richter or the master himself on Ampico Piano-roll. I was fascinated by that masterpiece and set about to bring it to one left hand and a bow with the incredible virtuosic playing of Ruggiero Ricci always in my mind.
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  • Prelude No. 2 (for Cello and Guitar)

    The second of the Three Preludes is one of Gershwin's most famous piano works. It is a prime example of how jazz influenced American classical music in the early 20th century. Having been arranged for various solo instruments and ensembles, it's only fitting that we add to the repertoire with something a little more unusual: cello and guitar.
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    Price: $7.49
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