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Ovation Press is honored to be collaborating with many of today’s leading string players. Our editors include principals and concertmasters of the world’s greatest orchestras, professors at prestigious universities and conservatories, and internationally recognized soloists. Through exclusive editions with Ovation Press, the musical ideas and performance methods of these esteemed musicians are now shared and preserved for the benefit of the entire string community.

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     Amosov, Fedor

     Ansell, Steven

     Balderston, Stephen

     Barker, Edwin

     Barlowe, Amy

     Birchall, Richard

     Bodman, Alan

     Boulanger, Philip

     Bradetich, Jeff

     Brey, Carter

     Cárdenes, Andrés

     Carol, Norman

     Carter, David

     Casals, Pablo


     Chen, Robert

     Cole, Orlando

     Danchenko, Victor

     Deckert, Hans Erik

     Dešpalj, Valter

     Dinerchtein, Viacheslav

     Ellison, Paul

     Fleezanis, Jorja

     Galay, Racheli

     Geber, Stephen

     Geringas, David

     Hoebig, Desmond

     Hurst, Lawrence

     Jacot, Charles

     Jaspert, Carsten

     Jensen, Hans Jørgen

     Kaler, Ilya

     Leonard, Ronald

     Leopold, Rudolf

     Lipsky, Helmut

     Maynegre-Torra, Alex

     McInnes, Donald

     Miller, Frank

     Milton, Blair

     Morganstern, Daniel

     Neikrug, George

     Nielsen, Lene Holt

     Pasquale, Joseph de

     Pegis, Jonathan

     Phelps, Cynthia

     Pidoux, Roland

     Pikler, Charles

     Radulovich, Nada

     Ribeiro, Gerardo

     Ricci, Ruggiero

     Roberts, Richard

     Rochen, Steven

     Roither, Gerhard

     Rosenblum, Myron

     Schliephake, Ernst

     Schotten, Yizhak

     Silva, Luigi

     Silverstein, Joseph

     Solow, Jeffrey

     Staryk, Steven

     Stoops, Anthony

     Tetel, Mihai

     Tree, Michael

     Vamos, Roland

     Watkins, Stephen

     Wendt, Charles

     Zaslav, Bernard

     Zhang, DaXun