Bill Ritchie, Assistant Principal Bass of the Omaha Symphony and member of the Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra

"Paul Ellison's fingerings are very helpful. What a great lineup of editors! They are the best in the business."

Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog

"I’ve got a lot of positive things to say...wonderful editions of core repertoire from the best double bass performers and pedagogues in the business. Editors include Paul Ellison and Ed Barker! Highly recommended.

Joe Kaizer

"I have found Ovation Press to be the most essential sheet music resource for students who are in the process of preparing for orchestral auditions. I loved the convenience of being able to instantly download and print all the standard orchestral repertoire from home on my own computer, and best of all, it gave me access to editions from today's leading orchestral cellists that can only be found at Ovation Press. All string players know how important it is to have a well-edited score when preparing for auditions/performances, and I truly believe that Ovation Press is the greatest online database available. The customer service staff at Ovation Press was extremely helpful in answering all the questions that I had regarding my order and they were always friendly and prompt to respond to all of my emails. I would highly recommend this website to all string players everywhere and thank you again for being such a wonderful resource!"

Ryan Fitzpatrick

"I have had a wonderful experience with the scores. I own Ronald Leonard's CD of orchestral excerpts, and using his music from Ovation Press makes it very a helpful tool and resource for school auditions. I have told many of my colleagues about my experiences and they are eager to try it for themselves. Thanks for such a fantastic service!"

CB, California

"This site is such an amazing resource. It's been a lifesaver for audition preparation!"