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About the Company:
Ovation Press is collaborating with today’s foremost musicians to capture and preserve their legacy of ideas through detailed bowings, fingerings, and other editorial markings. Along with standard concertos, show pieces, chamber music, and orchestral music, Ovation Press is innovating and broadening the string repertoire by publishing new transcriptions and noteworthy historical editions previously unavailable to most musicians.

Ovation Press was founded to benefit all string players. By using the Internet to address a worldwide audience, we can reach more musicians, update the standard repertoire with the markings of current performers and publish music that has been overlooked by traditional publishers.

We are extremely excited to be contributing to the string community and thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to sharing with you a continuously expanding library of music.  Please stay in touch with us by joining the Ovation Press Facebook page.

Michael Buck

Hans Jørgen Jensen