Richard Birchall – Wagner Prelude from Tristan und Isolde for Cello Octet

Prelude from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde for Cello Octet

Richard Birchall and Cellophony have produced some exciting arrangements for cello ensemble, many of which have been recorded on their acclaimed album Vibrez. Ovation Press is proud to release another arrangement from the album, Wagner's Prelude from Tristan & Isolde.

About Wagner's Prelude from Tristan & Isolde for Cello Octet

The Prelude to Wagner’s monumental opera Tristan & Isolde is a classic of orchestral writing; much is made of the ‘Tristan chord’ at the start – but what everybody really looks forward to (as with any piece of music, of course) is the luscious cello tune that comes a bit later… so why not have all the other parts played by cellos too? The Tristan Prelude has become Cellophony’s signature piece.

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About the Editor – Richard Birchall

Richard Birchall, a versatile cellist, composer, arranger, and lyricist. As a member of the Philharmonia Orchestra he performs regularly in the great concert halls of the world. Mr. Birchall is also a founding member of Cellophony Cello Octet, an ensemble of eight cellists that have performed throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia. He has composed music for Cellophony, other ensembles, and individual artists. He has completed numerous transcriptions for Cellophony’s core repertoire, and also produced commissioned arrangements for numerous other ensembles. In recent years Mr. Birchall has turned increasingly to original composition: his piece Mirrors was written for Cellophony. In addition, Birchall and Cellophony released their debut album Vibrez to great critical acclaim in 2015.

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