Nada Radulovich – Francoeur Sonata IV in E Major for Cello and Piano

Get Francoeur's Sonata IV with its rarely-heard "Corrent"

The other Francoeur brother joins the Ovation Press catalog with editor Nada Radulovich at the lead. Check out her edition of Louis Francoeur's Sonata IV in E Major.

About Francoeur's Sonata IV in E Major for Cello and Piano

Francoeur's Sonata IV in E Major was written in 1726 for violin and published in his Second book of Sonatas dedicated to Mme. de Charolois. It was later republished and mistakenly attributed his more accomplished brother, Francois. In 1924, Arnold Trowell transcribed this sonata for cello, in the process freely altering it. One of Trowell's edits was to remove the entire "Corrent" and replace it with his own composition. Today, the "Corrent" is usually omitted from transcriptions found online.

We're excited to deliver the original manuscript by Louis Francoeur, including the often-deleted "Corrent." Get the score today!

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About the Editor – Nada Radulovich

Ebullient and spontaneous, a conscientious and penetrating artist, Nada Radulovich presents an ambitious pace of recitals featuring standard classical repertoire and overlooked gems. In addition to transcribing Tchaikovsky's Six French Songs and Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen, she discovered an incomplete manuscript for cello and piano on the shelves of the NY Public Library entitled “Romantic Fantasy’ by Antin Rudnitsky. She located the missing pages by connecting with the composer’s family, and performed the U.S. premier of the piece at Lincoln Center in 2011.

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