Helmut Lipsky Special Interview Series and Suite

An Exclusive Interview Series with Composer Helmut Lipsky and Duo Philia

For the past few weeks on our blog String Visions we've been running a special multi-part series revolving around the work of Ovation Press composer Helmut Lipsky. The interview series consisted of four parts:

  1. Interview with Helmut Lipsky, Part 1 – In this first part of our series, Ovation Press co-founder Hans Jensen sits down with Ovation Press editor and composer Helmut Lipsky to discuss Mr. Lipsky's Voyage à deux and his many other musical projects.
  2. Interview with Helmut Lipsky, Part 2 – Helmut Lipsky shares his thoughts on teaching, pedagogy, and education.
  3. Interview with Duo Philia, Part 1 – Colin Cronin continues our series as he interviews Caroline Chéhadé and Ana Drobac, two Montreal-based violinists that form the ensemble Duo Philia. Caroline and Ana talk about their musical origins and their work performing Helmut Lipsky's compositions.
  4. Interview with Duo Philia, Part 2 – Wrapping up the interviews, the two members of Duo Philia talk about their future direction and share some advice for aspiring professional musicians.

We encourage all musicians to read and share these incredible interviews and stories, as they are full of great insights, experiences, and advice for those pursuing music as a career or hobby.

In addition, we wrapped up this series with a special score spotlight on Helmut Lipsky's violin duo suite Voyage à deux: "Take a Trip for Two with Helmut Lipsky."

Highlights from Voyage à deux vol. 1

Note that vol. 1 is aimed at beginning to intermediate students, with the exception of Jam Session. Advanced musicians will be more interested in volume 2 to the right.

Japanese Tale (from Voyage à deux vol. 1, part 1)

Waves (from Voyage à deux vol. 1, part 2)

Jam Session (from Voyage à deux vol. 1, part 3)

Complete works from Voyage à deux vol. 2

  1. L'Irlandaise
  2. Tango in Blues
  3. Obstinando
  4. Lamentation
  5. Daydream
  6. Big Shuffle
  7. Nocturno Español
  8. Latingo
  9. Jeux de couleurs
  10. Fiesta!
Vol. 2 is also available to purchase as an entire collection!