Photo of Enrique Granados

Enrique Granados

Enrique Granados Campiña was a Spanish pianist and composer of classical music representative of Spanish style and nationalism.

Granados studied piano as a young man in Barcelona. In 1887 he moved to Paris to continue his studies. Although he was unable to become a student at the Paris Conservatoire, he took private lessons with a conservatoire professor – Charles-Wilfrid de Bériot, whose mother (the soprano Maria Malibran) was of Spanish ancestry. Bériot insisted on extreme refinement in tone production, which strongly influenced Granados’s own teaching of pedal technique. He also fostered Granados' abilities in improvisation. Granados returned to Barcelona in 1889.

Granados is well known for his piano music, chamber music, songs, zarzuelas, an orchestral tone poem based on Dante's Divine Comedy, and Goyescas, which took the form of both a piano suite & an opera in one act and three tableaux. Many of his piano compositions have been transcribed for the classical guitar.

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