Nada Radulovich

Nada Radulovich is a dynamic and versatile artist who combines her skills as a cellist, transcriber and concert organizer to present unique concerts that synthesize the familiar and unfamiliar in a way that both entertains and educates the audience. A native of Detroit, she developed her artistry and craft at Smith College, the Manhattan School of Music and The Peabody Institute. Her CD,“Unexplored”, was released on the Navona label in 2018. It features the 1924 Cassado Sonata and previously unrecorded works for ‘cello and piano, which Midwest Record noted as “vibrant, …engaging” and “a fine ear opener throughout”.

She has performed in many venues both in the NYC area and throughout the United States, and has concurrently developed a significant career as an educator. She is published on Ovation Press. Further information can be found on her website and at Navona Records.

Exclusive Sheet Music from Ovation Press edited by Nada Radulovich

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