Hans Erik Deckert

Hans Erik Deckert (b. 1927, Hamburg), the son of German and Danish parents, grew up in Germany and moved to Denmark shortly after the war in order to study cello and conducting in Copenhagen. His career in these fields, and more generally as a passionate animator in the field of chamber music, has developed from posts held at academies in Germany, Denmark and Sweden to his present freelance activity throughout Europe. Hans Erik Deckert's roots in the German musical tradition have given him a depth of musicianship much in demand at solo and chamber masterclasses and seminars, which is mixed with a concern for the wider social responsibility of music, stemming from his Scandinavian environment. Also, Deckert's encounter with the phenomenology-based thinking of Sergiu Celibidache has been of particular importance for his increasing activity as lecturer and writer on many problematical aspects of our present musical life.

Presently, Hans Erik Deckert is Honorary President of the Danish section of ESTA (which he also founded in 1978), resident conductor with the Cello Academy (which embraces a professional 12-part cello ensemble as well as regular training courses for students), and holds visiting posts at the Freie Musikschule in Hamburg and the Institute for Music Therapy at Witten-Herdecke University in Germany.

Forthcoming animation projects include lecturing on musical teamwork at Damiler-Benz' management headquarters in Stuttgart, and at the University of Sheffield's robotics conference in Harrogate next year.

Below you will find the complete list of scores composed by Hans Erik Deckert. To see a much more extensive list that includes scores edited by Deckert, please visit his editor page.
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