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Duparc Chanson Triste for Viola and Piano

Edited by Donald McInnes

Title: Chanson Triste
Composer: Henri Duparc
Instrument: Viola
Edited By: Donald McInnes
Instrumentation: Solo with Piano
Pages: 7 including the viola and piano parts

Duparc's Chanson Triste has been arranged for viola and piano by world-famous violist Donald McInnes.  Duparc, a French composer of the late Romantic period, wrote Chanson Triste in 1868.  He is best known for his seventeen art songs, such as this one, with texts by poets such as Baudelaire, Gautier, Leconte de Lisle, and Goethe.

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Click here to listen to a recording of Donald McInnes performing Duparc's Chanson Triste arranged for viola and piano.

Below is the original French text and the English translationfor this song:
Text by Jean Lahor

Dans ton coeur dort un clair de lune,
Un doux clair de lune d'été,
Et pour fuir la vie importune,
Je me noierai dans ta clarté.

J'oublierai les douleurs passées,
Mon amour, quand tu berceras
Mon triste coeur et mes pensées
Dans le calme aimant de tes bras.

Tu prendras ma tête malade,
Oh! quelquefois, sur tes genoux,
Et lui diras une ballade
Qui semblera parler de nous;

Et dans tes yeux pleins de tristesse,
Dans tes yeux alors je boirai
Tant de baisers et de tendresse[s]
Que peut-être je guérirai.

Moonlight slumbers in your heart,
A gentle summer moonlight,
And to escape the cares of life
I shall drown myself in your light.

I shall forget past sorrows,
My sweet, when you cradle
My sad heart and my thoughts
In the loving calm of your arms.

You will rest my poor head,
Ah! sometimes on your lap,
And recite to it a ballad
That will seem to speak of us;

And from your eyes full of sorrow,
From your eyes I shall then drink
So many kisses and so much love
That perhaps I shall be healed.