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Ovation Press is proud to bring you an exciting new way to discover string music with an extensive selection of orchestral excerpts and parts, unique arrangements for cello ensemble, solo music and chamber music for violin, viola, cello and bass. Ovation Press is the only publisher to offer music edited by today’s most prominent string players including concertmasters and principals of major orchestras, leading pedagogues and highly respected international soloists. You are just minutes away from downloading and printing the string music you need while gaining access to the bowings, fingerings and other musical ideas of living legends.

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Featured Scores from Ovation Press

Photo of Valter Despalj

Dešpalj Dotzauer Variations on "Là ci darem la mano" (Cello Duo)

Based off of the duet from Mozart's 1787 opera Don Giovanni, Dotzauer's arrangement of Variations on "Là ci darem la mano" have been expertly edited by Valter Dešpalj for two celli. (Read more...)

Photo of Tim Janof

Janof Rondo in Blue (Cello & Piano)

Enjoy an original composition from Tim Janof, a self-taught cellist who learned and played for years before he had his first teacher as a sophomore in college. (Read more...)

Photo of Valter and Pavle Despalj

Dešpalj Omaggio a Bellini: (Cello & Guitar), (Cello & Piano)

We've got a double treat of Dešpalj for you! Editor Valter Dešpalj joins with his brother Pavle to bring an exciting original composition from latter, Omaggio a Bellini, to you in two arrangements. (Read more...)

Photo of Stephen Watkins

Watkins Unheard Serenade (Cello Octet)

The multi-talented Stephen Watkins has contributed some remarkable arrangements and now delivers his first original composition in our catalog with Unheard Serenade for cello octet, inspired by the second verse of the poem "Let Me Enjoy" by Thomas Hardy. (Read more...)

Photo of Amy Barlowe

Barlowe Come Close the Curtains of Your Eyes (Violin and Piano)

Amy Barlowe's explores the intersection of music and poetry with Come Close the Curtains of Your Eyes. The composition takes the form of a lullaby based on a poem by Pauline Avery Crawford, an American expatriate who wrote for the Paris edition of the New York Herald Tribune in the 1930s and 1940s, throughout the turbulent years before, during, and the Second World War. (Read more...)

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